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Sindhudurg Fort
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Located off the coast of Maharashtra, the Sindhudurg Fort is an ancient fortress occupying an islet in the Arabian Sea. This imposing construction is spread over an area of 48 acres, with its massive walls standing tall against the crashing waves of the sea. The main entrance of the fort is hidden away in such a manner that no one can identify it from the outside. The Sindhudurg Fort is a tangible example of the Maratha foresight and resourcefulness. Not only is this mighty fort a historically significant attraction, but the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape makes it a popular tourist spot. Protruding right from the midst of the mighty Arabian Sea, this fort makes up for a delightfully charming sight. Its rich historical background only adds to the experience of this place . Built by none other than Chhatrapati Shivaji, the construction of Sindhudurg Fort utilizes the natural protection of the surrounding rocks to their advantage.
Rock garden
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A garden just beside a beach might just be something you would want when you feel like getting away from the bustling city life. And that's what Rock Garden in Malvan brings to you. Located right behind the market in Malvan, the well-maintained Rock Garden is the place where the leisure of strolling through the garden meets the sounds and views of sea waves splashing the rocks. Rock garden is a well-maintained and naturally decorated garden, an attraction of Malvan. The rocks are really huge with the waves smashing on them with full vigour. If you visit Malvan, a visit to the rock garden cannot be missed. The crabs running around on the rocks give a wonderful glimpse of the rich marine life. Garden is quite descent with greenery and flowers all around Best part is you can go towards sea from garden. it’s an ideal place to just plonk and watch the sunset. Ideal for budding photographers.
Jag Mandir
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Tarkarli is a village in Malvan taluka in Sindhudurg district in the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is tourist destination and a coral beach. Ramnavmi is celebrated every year in Mahapurush Temple of the village. This gorgeous beach should be the first place to be if you are planning a visit to Tarkarli village! Among all the stunning beaches within the Konkan coastline of the region, Tarkarli Beach has the most captivating white sands. While the tepidness of this sandy retreat serves as an ideal destination to seek for some pleasantly lazy moments, the azure sea and the tranquil backwater of the Karli River add more to the fun and fascination of the day. A paradise for the water sport lovers, Tarkarli Beach is a perfect destination to enjoy and witness the grooviness of the majestic sea. Starting from several forms of exciting water rides to the extremely fun-filled parasailing, this amazing beach offers everything!
Jai Ganesh Mandir
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Malvan's Jai Ganesh is renowned for its religious significance and architecture. The temple was built by Jayant Salgaonkar, an Indian businessman, historian, scholar, and writer. The main sanctum is decorated with the gold plated idol of Lord Ganesh accompanied by the statues of Riddhi Siddhi. As per the locals, one should visit the temple on the holy occasion of Makar Sankranti as this is when one can see the direct sunlight falling on the foot of the idol. Also, Salgaonkars have named this Ganesha idol as Jay Ganesha so as he gives blessings to all his devotees to succeed in life. Another prominent feature of the temple is its walls that have idols of the Ganesha in eight different positions. The use of rich and soothing colors adds to the beauty of the temple. As per the archives, the temple was built by Shri Jayantrao Salgaonkar, a renowned astrologer, who is also the authors of the prominent book - kalnirnay - an almanac that gives one simplified information about the Panchang, auspicious days, festivals, holidays, sunrise and sunset.
Kunkeshwar Temple
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Kunkeshwar Temple, an ancient Shiva Temple is located in Kunkeshwar village, 14 Kms from Devgad town. A pristine beach with a very long stretch of seashore and white sand adds to the beauty of temple surroundings. This beautiful temple near beach has alluring architecture with reminiscent of South Indian style of temple architecture. Yadav Kings built this temple in 1100 A. D. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj who rejuvenated this temple many times was a frequent visitor to this temple. This temple is also famous as Kashi of South Konkan. Every year a huge celebration takes place on the occasion of Mahashivratri, which keeps religious beliefs in constant sight of the multitudes. During the festival a large number of devotees throng this place with their families and friends. This vigilant Shiva deity bestows blessings on everyone who surrenders to its feet.
Aangnechi wadi
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Anganewadi is known as the Pandharpur of Konkan. The name Anganewadi indicates a dominance of people with the surname Angane. According to a legend a Goddess materialized in the village in the form of a stone plaque, 400 years ago. Since then people have been flocking to this village for 'Darshan', every year. There is no fixed day or date for the fair. It is decided by consensus. A theory to explain the origin of the fair is that a man from the village of Anganewadi, was working as an Intelligence officer/spy for the Maratha Empire during the reign of Shahu Maharaj [son of Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj] and the Peshwas (Baji Rao I & Chimaji Appa) and had single handed-ly helped them achieve tremendous success during their campaigns in North India, when the Marathas were expanding their empire & had planted the Maratha flag in Attock. When he came back after fulfilling his duty,one of his cows would discharge milk on the green wood which turned into a stone plaque (Swayambhu Idol).