Sightseeing near Coconut Garden Beach House

Tarkarli with its beautiful beaches, serene backwaters, historic forts nearby and exciting adventure sports is truely a dream holiday destination. Tarkarli has something of everything to keep you excited during your holidays in Tarkarli not to forget the famous mouth watering delicious Malvani cuisines.

Tarkarli Beach

The beach house is practically at a stones throw away from Wayari Bhootnath beach which is an extension of the Tarkarli stretch of beach. The beaches here are known for its soft white sands.

Sindhudurg Fort

A Fort after which the district was named, Sindhudurg fort is the most prominent landmark of this region. Sindgudurg fort is the main site for S.C.U.B.A Diving in Tarkarli.

Tsunami Island

Tsunami island about 7 kms from the hotel is the hub of all the water sports activities in Tarkarli. Dont miss out on parasailing behind the motor boat at the Devbaug sangam.

Rock Garden

Malvan rock gardens is a beautifuly manicured garden located just by the sea overlooking the Chivla beach. The rock gardens is a good place to watch the sunset from.

Water Sports & Dolphin Watch Rides

  • Dolhins in Tarkarli
  • Water Sports in Tarkarli

    The main center for water sports in Tarkarli is at the Tsunami island about 15 minutes from the hotel near the Devbaug Sangam. Parasailing in the sea is very popular here.

    Dolphin Watch Boat Rides

    The chances of sighting is highest in the seas off the Tarkarli coast amongst all the Konkan beaches. Mornings are the best time for a dolphin watch boat ride.